Verify Downloads

What’s a Checksum?

A checksum is a short, unique string that results from running an encryption algorithm on a given file. The algorithm looks at all the bits that make up a file and, based on those unique bits, creates a checksum. This checksum will change if even a single bit in the file changes. This means that by comparing two checksums, you can make sure your file hasn’t been damaged or modified. It’s a useful way to defend against file corruption or malicious interference in your downloads.

If the file you have does not match the one on the Web site, it could be that:

  • The file on the site has been updated and we forgot to update the checksum.
  • Corruption in the file during the transfer.
  • Unsolicited tampering with the file.

Either way, if the Hash Codes do not match, contact us before opening it.


Verifying Checksums in Windows

Download and install HashTab from the developer’s website (is free for personal use).
Right-click on the .7z file you want to run a checksum against and choose “Properties” from the context menu.

Click the tab labelled “File Hashes” at the top of the window

Click the Settings. Select to display the SHA-256 Hashes.

Find your Cover’s hash in the Checksum page or check the product’s page in the section “Checksum” ( Just before Related Products at the bottom of every product page).

Copy and paste the SHA256 Hash code to compare against in the “Hash Comparison” dialog box.

If the hash checks out, you’ll see a green checkmark. 
If the hash doesn’t match, you’ll see a red X.


Verifying Checksums in osx

Open the Terminal and type the command “shasum_” followed by a single space.

After you do this, locate the downloaded .7z file, and drag it to the Terminal window to complete the full path to the image file.

Then press Enter to execute the command, and a SHA checksum will be computed for the file.
Now compare this locally computed checksum to the one listed on the Cover’s page, and if they match, the file has been verified.


Verifying Checksums in linux

Install GtkHash on your system, run the following command:

>_ sudo apt install gtkhash

Select the file ( .7z ) you want to check.

Get the Checksum value from the Cover Product page or find it in “Checksum” page and put it in Check field.

Click the Hash button.

This will generate the checksum values with the algorithms you selected.

If any one of them matches with the Check box, it will show a small tick sign beside it.