At somepills we are constantly
increasing our content available
to our users, offering new
high quality artwork for your
releases monthly.

Most of the covers are designed in such a way that can reproduce many alternatives so if you are a record label or just want to keep a consistence design on your releases you ‘re in the right place.

See our “More Pills” service for more info.


We offer several services to address all the needs of your release.
More services will be launched soon, related to web design, VR and AR.
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Digital Release Covers

Eventually you completed your new release and you are looking for a nice cover artwork.
In our Arsenal you will find several artwork specially designed for any genre of electronic music scene.
We upload new designs every week.

You can convert them for printing in any kind of medium that you want with the Print Setup Service.

To maintain the high quality and artistic coherence we don’t provide the ability to customise the artwork.
Only the texts and Record label logos are editable.
You can provide us the info and we will add them for you or if you have the knowledge you can do it yourself.

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More Pills Service

This  Service is dedicated only to returning customers that want to buy more artwork with consistent design to a previous cover purchase.

For every Pill that you order we’ll provide you with two artworks to choose.

Estimate: 3-7 days for delivery.


Print Setup 


You want to print an already purchased Digital Release cover in Vinyl, CD,Cassette or all of them?
This service will make it true.

When you upgrade a Digital Release for Printing you will get with no additional cost the following :

  • Realistic Mockups
  • Wallpaper
  • Bandcamp
  • Soundcloud

After you provide us, the templates from your printing agency and all extra requirements .

Estimate: 3-10 days for delivery.


We Offer Our Clients High Quality Custom Design

You appreciate our design and skills and you want to use them
for a completely custom design?


Custom Design 

Our experience in many fields of CGI can quickly transform your vision from a concept to reality.

Custom Design is only for Releases that is going to be printed in Vinyl,CD or Cassette. We don’t offer this service for Digital releases.
It provides you with several options to customize it to your taste.

  • Vinyl, CD, Cassette, Special Packaging.
  • Flyer / T-shirt Stamp / Slipmat (print maquettes ).
  • Cover related video clip for your tracks ( 1080p ).
  • Hack Reality Service (coming soon)
  • Realistic mock-ups.
  • Artwork Wallpaper – multiply resolutions.
  • Material to customize your Social Media accounts.
  • Mini-site – coming soon
  • Hack Reality Service
    Transform your cover in  an VR or AR (Augmented reality) experience – coming soon

We are_

Custom Design Process


Discuss your vision

Realizing the concept

Finalize the design

Download your new artwork


Understand our Licenses

Don’t be afraid this not a complex licensing system!
Just two kinds of licensing for flexibility and delivering quality results.

Which Service is Right for you?

Digital Release Cover


Is 5 a.m in the morning and you have just finished your new tracks. You ‘re spaced out and you need an artwork for your cover.

Don’t worry! Our artwork is not going to land you.

Choose a Digital Release cover between our continuously growing Arsenal.


More Pills Service


  • Record labels
  • Artists

That need a seamless design between there releases.

You must already own a Digital Release Cover from our Arsenal
to apply  for this service.


Print Setup Service

60€ /starting

Upgrade you Digital Release Cover for printing.
  • Cassette
  • Vinyl
  • CD

+ Promoting material

You must already own a Digital Release Cover from our Arsenal
to apply for this service.


Custom Design Service

160€ /starting

Need something more dedicated from our already designed covers.

Custom Design Service provides everything you need.

  • Artwork
  • Video
  • Promoting Material
  • Mini-site – coming soon
  • Hack Reality Service
    Transform your cover in  an VR or AR (Augmented reality) experience – coming soon