Print Setup

You planning to release in

Vinyl,CD,Cassette or all of them?

This service will make it true.


Prepare for print

Print Setup Service converts your already purchased digital cover to a printing format.

This means that you will get the cover file for all mediums that you (require) to print, at specific dimensions, resolutions and color space. Also we will design the backcover, the label and any other part according to your needs.

We provide you two ways for ordering the covers for print.

Firstly,when you buy a cover.

Secondly, after the purchase in the form at the end of this page.

We 're not printing your cover(s). Just prepare them, for printing at the specification of your printing service.

Printing Templates

The printing Templates is a very crucial part of your printing release because it ensures the perfect fitting of the artwork in the printed cover. So before you apply for the Printing Setup Service, contact with your printing agency and ask them to provide you the appropriate template.

Usually printing agencies have the templates online, available for download. If they do so, then choose from their available links, the template that suits most to your needs. If they haven't them online, then upload the files in your preferable cloud and share this link (to your agency). If you have problem to find the templates or you are too busy we can communicate with them and arrange it.

You can use any kind of printing template for your release. From simple CD/vinyl folder like cover to special packaging for a deluxe release. You name it and we will set it up with no additional costs.

SKU/Cover Title

To track-down which artwork from your purchases is the one you need to apply for the Print Setup Service, we require the SKU (stock keeping unit) or the Cover Title of the cover that you have already purchased.

You can find them at the following places:

In every Cover Page.

In the ArtworkSKU_SP***.txt file inside the downloaded folder.

In name of the .psd file.

If you have an account, check inside your Orders.

At the Checksum page.

In the order confirmation email.

How To

When you first buy a cover at the extra options of every cover.


Check the "add Print Setup Service" Leave the "Digital Release version" also checked.
Choose printing medium, any combination you want.
Provide the link for download the templates.
Choose if you want to add your release Info for you
If choose yes, fill out the form. (recommended)
If not add the cover in the cart and procceed to checkout.

For an already purchased cover, in the form at the end of this page.


Visit the Print Setup Service page: main menu(=)>store>print setup
Scroll down
Add the SKU or the Cover Title.
Provide the link for the Printing Templates.
Fill out the rest fields.
Provide us a direct link to download your record label logo.
Add the Track List and the additional info.
Click the Order Print Setup Service button.
Proceed to checkout


After successfully completing the checkout process and within the next 24 hours (Monday - Friday) we’ll contact you in your preferable IM (Instant Messenger). Depending the time that you place your order we may already have prepare a first demo of your cover so we can discuss and arrange the final look.

More info related to licenses here

Upgrade your already purchased digital cover for printing

After submitting the following form, you will be redirected to checkout page to fulfill the payment.
Estimate 3-10 days for delivery, in the meantime we will contact you to arrange all your needs.

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Choose Printing Medium

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Printing Templates

In order to setup the cover for printing we need the medium templates.
Every print service has it's own templates, so get in touch with them.

Provide us a direct link to download the printing templates.

Scan the files with . Compress the templates (.zip or .7z), upload in your cloud service and add the link here.
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Release Info

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Record Label Logo

Provide us a direct link to download your logo.

Please for best results the logo must be in vector format (ai, svg, eps, afdesign, pdf) or at list 300dpi (png, tga, tiff ,psd or .afphoto) with transparent background.

Scan your files with . Compress the logo files (.zip or .7z), upload in your cloud service and add the link here.
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