More Pills

Add more covers with consistent design
to a previous cover purchase.


Add Pills

Most of somepills are designed in a way to support many alternatives with constant design. Keeping a constant design among your releases is going to help you keep a smooth transition between releases and establishing a style that makes you recognizable at once.

We provide you with two ways to add More Pills.

Firstly, when you buy a cover.
Secondly, after the purchase in the form at the end of this page.

Have in mind that there is a small number of artwork in the Arsenal that does not support the More Pills Service. So if you want to take advantage of this service, check before you buy in the "More Pills Service" field at the description section of every Cover Page.

SKU/Cover Title

To order More Pills you'll need the SKU (stock keeping unit) or the Cover Title of the cover that you have already purchased. You can find them at the following places:
In every Cover Page.

In the ArtworkID file inside the downloaded folder.
In name of the .psd file.
If you have an account, check inside your Orders.
At the Checksum page.
In the order confirmation email.
Still can't find the SKU or Cover Title? Contact us.

Still can't find the SKU or Cover Title? Contact us.

How To

When you first buy a cover at the extra options of every cover (if supports More Pills service) you can pre-order up to 4 More Pills.

Check the "order More Pills" checkbox
Scroll down and in the quantity field add the number of the pills.

After the purchase in the form at the end of this page.


Visit the More Pills Service page: main menu(=)>store>more pills)
Scroll down in fill the form:
Add the SKU or the Cover Title.
Use the slider to add the quantity.
Fill out the Artist name.
Ιf you buy from a record label add the Label name.
Provide us a direct link to download your Label logo.


After successfully completing the checkout process for every pill that you order we'll provide you with two artworks in low res to choose. When you decide which one you like we will add a secure link to download your new covers. More Pills always comes in Digital License. This means that if you want them for printing you must upgrade the covers with the Print Setup Service.

To make the process smoother and faster consider when you prompt to add your preferable IM (Instant Messager) and IM user so we can communicate in a more human like way. In the case that you don't have one of the supported IM services (WIRE, Telegram, Skype) and you don't want to install any of them; you can contact us through our live chat. Just click the floating icon at the bottom left of the site.

In any case IM or not we will also send you emails to keep you informed with the progress of your extra pills.

Estimate: 3-7 days for delivery.

More info for the Print Setup Service here
More info related to licenses here

The slider containing demo content.

Add More Pills to a already purchased cover

After submit the following form you will redirect to checkout page to fulfill the payment.
Estimate 3-7 days for delivery, in the meantime we will contact you to arrange all your needs.

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Record Label Logo

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Please for best results the logo must be in vector format (ai, svg, eps, afdesign, pdf) or at list 300dpi (png, tga, tiff ,psd or .afphoto) with transparent background.

Scan your files with . Compress the logo files (.zip or .7z), upload in your cloud service and add the link here.
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