All files came in encrypted .7z archive (we recommend Peazip free archiver).
All of our artwork and mockup files are delivered at .psd format.
The social media related files and wallpapers at .png or .jpg format
Tshirt stamp and Slipmat in .tiff or .svg
The Video Files in .mp4

If you need Affinity or Gimp natives format please contact us after the purchase.

After you place your order you will be emailed a download link with:

If you buy the Digital Release:

  • Artwork 1400×1400 – 72dpi sRGB .psd format.

If you buy the More Pills Service:

  • Artwork 1400×1400 – 72dpi sRGB .psd format.

If you add the Print Setup Service:

  • Artwork material for all mediums that you want to print, at specific dimension, resolution and color space.
  • High Resolution .psd cover file.
  • The promotional material that you have choose in png or jpg formats

If buy the Custom Design Service:

  • Custom design artwork to your needs, for all the mediums that you will print.
  • Two sides promotional Flyer ( Print ready ).
  • The mockup ready with your new artwork.
  • The promotional material that you have choose in the appropriate formats depending there use.
  • The video in HD  .mp4 (1080p).

Keep in mind that for security reasons the link expires. If for any reason you don’t manage to download in that given time contact us to resend you the file.

To avoid misunderstanding and wrong impressions before buy any of our services please contact us.

For extracting the archived files you will need the license key.
After the successful payment you will find the license key in the order confirmation page.
If you miss that you can always login in your account, visit the order tab and choose the specific order, you will find the license key near the end of the page.
If for any reason you can’t find it contact us and we will assist you.

You can use any app that supports .7z (7-Zip) to open the downloaded archive ( 7-zip – Peazip free archiverWinzipThe Unarchiver ).

  • For the Digital Release the effect will be almost instant after fulfill your purchase.
    (If you use Hotmail or Outlook it may take awhile as Microsoft e-mails is not a reliable service).
    If you are looking for free email that respect your privacy and security check Protonmail & Mailfence).
  • Adding the release info: 1-3 days.
  • More Pills Service: 3-7 days.
  • Print Setup Service: After you provides as with the dimensions and extra requirement from your printing agency, give as 3-10 days.
  • Custom Design Service: Depends to your needs. Most of the time: 15 – 60 days.

For clarification, before buy, Do not hesitate to contact us

No, the artwork is not editable.
You can edit the Artist name, release title, logo and fonts.
We don’t customize the already designed covers, our goal is to take the artwork, give 5 min to add your info ( if you choose to do it your self ) and get back to your music.

All the artwork at somepills.com is under license.
Read the Licenses page before you buy.

Exceptions is possible for special cases, but you must contact us first.

You can edit the text and logo in Photoshop or other image editing software that supports .psd file format e.g:  Affinity Photo/Designer , Gimp.
If you need the artwork to Affinity or Gimp native formats after the purchase contact us.
Also you will need an unzip tool who support .7z (7-Zip) format to open the download archive ( 7-zip – Peazip free archiverWinzipThe Unarchiver ).

Unfortunately due to very complex fonts license system, we can’t embed the fonts.
We’re looking to eliminate the fonts problem and include them in the downloaded file but this is going to take some time.
Until then we will provide you with a link to download the fonts that we use in every artwork.

We will be happy to add the release info for you.
Just check : Yes Please, add my release info. When you purchase the artwork in there product page.
Adding your info it will add a 5.00€ fee to the price of the cover.

We release new artwork every month but we have no standard schedule so check back often.

Or subscribe to our newsletter.

Login. Go to your Account page click on “Support Ticket Area” tab. Create a ticket.
If you need support for a specific order then in the “ORDERS” tab inside your Account click the “Get Help” button on the order you wish help and open a ticket.

Or you can use the live chat at the bottom left of the site.

Support ticket response time: 24hours.

No, we can’t refund because our products are digital.
But If you have any problem you can contact us and we ‘ll help you.

Of course!
Why would you even ask this?

For any question do not hesitate to contact us.

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